Pink in the Rink is going Purple

Riley Thiessen, Brandon Stanley and Chase Brakel modeling this year’s one of a kind Cancer night jerseys. 

Once again the Terriers are set to host a Home Game fundraiser for Central Plains Cancer Services. In the past the event has been called Pink in the Rink, but this year the Terriers are going with Lavender, the color of all Cancers.

On October 8th in a game against Selkirk, the team will be playing on lavender ice and wearing one of a kind lavender jerseys that will be auctioned off in support of Central Plains Cancer Services. I had a chance to catch up with Sharilyn Knox, Executive Director of CPCS to ask her about the organization and why events such as ours are important.


Why the name change from Central Plains Cancer Care to Central Plains Cancer Services?


We took the “Care” out of our name but kept it in our hearts.  The main reason is that some people get confused and think we are Cancer Care Manitoba. We want to ensure people know that the money they give stays in this region to support this region.  We value Cancer Care Manitoba and the work they do for our province and therefore once a year we give a donation to their foundation to support the research they do. 


Explain to everyone what your organization does.


Our mission is to provide services to support the quality of life for people affected by Cancer and to support the promotion of Cancer awareness. 


What is the importance of events such as ours to CPCS?

Central Plains Cancer Services is a grass-roots organization.  All funds are derived through donations, memorials, planned giving and fundraising initiatives such as this.  Third party fundraising events such as this give us a real boost in order to keep offering the services we do to the 72 communities we support.

Where will the money raised go?

So far in 2016 we have provided over 550 rides to cancer patients through our transportation program.  We have volunteer drivers throughout the region who drive patients to and from treatments and/or appointments related to their cancer diagnosis.  It helps create some peace of mind for the patient and their families. Money raised at this event will help us to continue offering this valuable service in the region.  

Why not come out for a great night of hockey and support CPCS? You will be able to participate in the jersey auction, silent auction as well as other fun activities all for a great cause.