Portage Spoke Loud and Clear with their Votes and the Resounding Answer was Chase Faulkner

The Ladies Auxiliary conducted a search via ballot for this year’s fan favorite over a 2 game weekend. One of those games drawing a record crowd. With a very decisive win, this year’s fan favorite is Chase Faulkner.

Chase can be a very daunting player to face on the ice standing at 6’1 and weighing around240 pounds. His reputation precedes him in every rink in the MJ. What you may be surprised to know is just how much the kids and Portage fans have really come to embrace this gentle giant. Okay maybe gentle is a stretch, but Chase is always up for reading in the community, playing floor hockey with the kids, skating with the little ones and giving back to a community that he has called home for 2 seasons.

When asked how receiving this award felt, his response was simple. “It feels great to know they love me!”

Congratulations Chase!!!