The Terriers give back at Ecole Arthur Meighan

For the 2nd year  in a row the Terriers were asked to participate in the Ecole Arthur Meighan Thanksgiving lunch.

Going on 9 years the dedicated staff at the local middle years school put on an impressive Thanksgiving spread with Turkey and all the trimmings for the entire student body, faculty and special guests totaling over 400. 

Karen Erickson one of the organizers said the lunch is something the students look forward to every year.  The students help with everything from decorating and setting up the gym to peeling vegetables.  Karen mentioned they were pretty excited to hear they would be served lunch from some of the new Terriers.

Ian Mackey, Ryan Hendrix, Keaton Leininger and Cody Haiskanen, all new to the Terriers line up this year were equally excited to meet some of their youngest fans and give back to the community they now call home.