Education Funding

2015 RBC Hockey Championship Legacy Scholarship

While playing for the Terriers, players are eligible for educational funding.

Each applicant may apply yearly to receive monies up to $1,000 ($3,000 maximum lifetime to an individual applicant) for reimbursement of enrollment fees in a recognized Canadian post-secondary education program(s) or course(s), which includes universities, trade schools, community Colleges and their respective course(s) available online.

To be eligible for reimbursement, the applicant must:
• Submit a written application to CFPD in their prescribed format by June 30 of the year following completion of course(s).
• Provide evidence at the time of application of successful completion and passing grade of the course(s).
• Be on the Terrier roster by August 15 of the current season. Players traded between August 15th and December 15th remain eligible for the bursary.

Please talk to Blake Spiller for details.