Terriers Host Successful Sportsman’s Dinner!

The Portage Terriers had a great response for their annual Sportsman’s Dinner in partnership with Central Plains Cancer Services on Friday November 10th at the MNP building in Portage.

Almost 300 people packed the facility for a chance to hear hockey legend Paul Coffey share some stories of his time in hockey. He spoke for about 15 minutes before taking questions from the crowd. During the 30 minute question period he shared stories from his time with 9 different NHL teams as well as his time at the Canada Cup.

Throughout the evening fundraising raffles and auctions were held and over $20,000 was brought in for both the Terriers and CPCS. The final totals are still being calculated.

“It’s a great feeling seeing a large crowd of people who are there to support your organization,” says event organizer Cody Buhler. “Paul Coffey was awesome. It was great hearing his perspective on some major events in hockey history.”

Thank you to everyone who supported the event this year, and we hope to do it again in 2024!