Thank You Graduating Players

Story Courtesy Jared Thiessen (Portageonline.com)

The Portage Terrier have eight players graduating from junior hockey this season: Daniel Siso, Jayden Catellier, Slade Stanick, Parker Korman, Ashton Fishley, Gabriel Laflamme, Aidan Brook, and Tayem Gislason. We would like to thank them for their outstanding commitment to the team. They represented the Terriers well on the ice and in the community.

PortageOnline caught up with all of them to discuss their time spent in the city. Four of the players had spent at least parts of three seasons with the team.

Of the graduating players, only Gabriel Laflamme has committed to playing hockey next season, but all of them are considering their options going into the fall. Laflamme shared how his commitment happened.

“They reached out and said they liked my game and stuff like that. It’s closer to home, so that’s a big point for me for university. It’s only a four or five hour drive, which is still big, but it’s better than 27 I guess,” he said with a laugh. “It’s a great school, and they have a great student section every game, so it feels like it’s going to be a really nice experience for the next year.”

Tayem Gislason, Parker Korman and Ashton Fishley have all said they aim to make their announcements about moving forward very soon.

Every player spoke very highly of their time in Portage, thanking the fans, who make it a great place to play.

Daniel Siso was an assistant captain with the club who put up 109 points over 3 seasons. “Coming to Portage, it was a pleasant surprise. The community is filled with such great people, and lots of supportive fans. I got to meet a lot of great people, whether that’s billets or billet kids, the coaching staff was always great, and the teammates were awesome. Overall, for me, it was an awesome experience, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Jayden Catellier was one of a few goaltenders to play three seasons for the Terriers playing 102 games and 59 wins: “Portage was great. Showing up to the rink every day, it’s a great rink and a great organization. It made going to the rink fun every day.” Catellier also added when asked about the community, “Great support, great fanbase and it’s a good place to be. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else for my junior career.”

Slade Stanick was aquired via trade from the Dauphin Kings and quickly became a leader on the team. In his third season with the Terriers he was at a point per game. “The community is awesome; the fans are always great at the games. It’s a great place to play hockey, and I really had a great time there.”

Tayem Gislason played two seasons with the Terriers and played a key shutdown role. He was named captain in his final season. “Everyone around the rink, in the schools, in the community, constantly helping guys out, the billets, the coaches, I really loved playing hockey, and I really loved living in Portage, and I really loved the community. So, I just want to say, ‘Thank you’ to everyone. All the rink guys, the whole community, my billets, I just want to say a big, ‘Thank you.’ I appreciate all the work you guys did.”

Gabriel Laflamme came to the Terriers for his final season of junior hockey. Laflamme was near the team lead in scoring all season. “I would say, ‘Thank you for everything.’ All the support, just the welcome of everyone, letting people live in your house, with billets. Just in general, the people are so friendly, and it was an awesome experience.”

Parker Korman was acquired before the start of the season from the Neepawa Titans. He lead the Teriers in goals this season with 18. “(I) just appreciate everyone that came to all those games, that skated with us after. I appreciate all the loudness you guys brought in the playoffs and it’s nice to see fans show up every night.”

Ashton Fishley started with the Terriers as a rookie in the 2021-22 season. He was reacquired by the team at the trade deadline. “I just want to thank Portage. It’s a great community, they support the Terriers so much. It’s just a great town to be in, it’s a great hockey organization to play for. I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity, honestly. It built me as a person, and they’ve supported me all the way. I was grateful that I got the second opportunity to play for the Terriers again, and thought I needed to jump on that chance. I just want to thank Portage as a community, thank Portage as an organization, and I want everyone in Portage to know how much I loved it.”

Aidan Brook came to the Terriers from the Dauphin Kings at the trade deadline. He played a key shutdown role throughout the season. “Thank you very much. It was seamless coming here, and it felt like I was accepted pretty early on. It was awesome.”