Terriers Report Profit at this year’s AGM

The Terriers held their Annual General Meeting at Stride Place tonight.

The meeting was called to order by President Trent Ward and last year’s minutes were reviewed.

Head Coach and GM Blake Spiller gave the Coach’s report. With only 4 players graduating from last year’s Championship team, most of the players will be returning.

Blake talked about a need for new billets and he thanked all the current billets for their important role in the organization.

He also gave a shout out to former Terrier Nick Henry on being drafted to the NHL this past weekend, being the second player in as many years drafted who played for Portage Minor Hockey.

Dale Deschouwer gave the Governor’s report, highlighting that only 2 teams – Portage and Steinbach showed a profit this last season. The MJHL is working hard on branding and drawing players to the league. Part of that included hiring Kevin Saurette as Director of Operations and how that has been viewed as a positive. Teams within the league continue to share financials and look for ways to increase revenue and decrease spending.

Deschouwer also announced there will no longer be a Western Canada Cup. We will be going back to a best of 7 series between Manitoba and Saskatchewan with Manitoba being the host team this year.

Treasurer Mark Killam went through last year’s financials that saw the club report a $74,788 profit up $100,123 from the previous season.

President Trent Ward talked about the exciting and successful past season with the Terriers winning their 3rd MJHL Championship in a row.

He took time to thank the Board members, Coaching Staff, Support Staff and Ladies Auxiliary for their continued support. Ward gave a big thank you to all the local sponsors with which we have built relationships with over the years and couldn’t run the team without. We’d also like to thank all our season ticket holders and fans.

He then went on to unveil the 50th logo for the upcoming season. One will be used for our home jerseys which we will wear all season and the other will be the centre ice logo at Stride Place.

The meeting concluded with nominations and voting on board members. Dale Deschouwer, Mark Killam and Mike Jordan remain on the board while Gary L’Heureux and Mike Panko are new additions. The Board would like to thank Ryan Simpson and Colin Scarrett for their contributions over their term.